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This free-standing structure will form a new entrance portico to the land around a 1950s warehouse building in Hackney, helping to integrate it better into the immediate neighbourhood, very close to Broadway Market. Regent Studios is a very interesting Brutalist deck-access building, comprising of a concrete frame with brick infill panels. It is now home to a wide variety of different occupants including Lynch Architects, artists, galleries, a number of designers and restaurant and beverage companies. The ground floor units are occupied by florists and some light industrial uses, and forklift trucks and articulated lorries and cars tend to dominate the ground plane, which is surrounded by a somewhat mute and anti-social galvanised metal fence. The new portico will enable a variety of new and existing uses to be better accommodated on site, and it is envisaged that the partially-covered structure will act as an ad hoc venue for gallery openings and as the focus for events associated with the life of Regent Studios, including the near-by street market, restaurants and retailers.

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